Does it cost anything to tryout? No – any player who is interested in participating is welcome. Just like for all volleyball clubs – participation at tryouts (or even paying your registration fee) does not commit you to our club – that commitment will come when teams are formed and confirmed.

I’m not sure I’m good enough – should I try out? Yes! Don’t cut yourself – force the coaches make those difficult decisions. Coaches – particularly with the younger teams – look for more than just pure volleyball skill (they are confident that they can teach their players what they need to know). You may actually find that you’re as good as any other player trying out – and better than others. Even if you are not selected this year, you will have a chance to learn at tryouts and find out what you need to work on for next year.

How do I register? All participants are required to register online prior to their session. Go to the link on this website. This provides information needed by our coaches for evaluation. Registration fees must be submitted for a player to be considered for a team. Cheques are not cashed until you are confirmed on a team.

Do I have to attend each sessions? – Yes. This gives you the best chance to be evaluated fairly. If you miss a session, you may be at a disadvantage. If missing a session is unavoidable, please inform RVC of your absence in advance so coaches can be notified.

What should I bring to tryouts? Each session is 2 hours long. Bring some water, your gym stuff (including kneepads)…and of course, a smile, a can-do attitude and a lot of hustle. [See Tips for Tryouts]

What happens at tryouts? Come a bit early for each session to have time to register. An ID number will be written on your leg. Each age division will be separated into groups and led by coaches in various on court drills.  For each group there will be a number of coaches evaluating players. Coaches may approach you in a friendly way to try to get to know you a bit better or to help you with a skill – but there will be a bunch of players there so don’t worry if this doesn’t happen a lot. Relax and just do your best – absolutely no one will be ‘cut’ for one mistake (or two or three).

How do I find out more about what an RVC club team would be like? RVC wants the season to be a good experience for all team members. The best way to find out if a team would be a good fit for you is to talk with the coach. He/she can let you know what commitment level is expected in terms of time, costs and effort (on our elite teams, your fellow elite teammates and your coaches will demand more commitment – and top teams usually attend nationals).  We ask that parents and players take responsibility for asking questions to ensure that your expectations for the season are in line with the program.

How will I know if I make a team? Coaches will call their players within 24 to 48 hrs after the end of tryouts. You will be told whether you made a team – and which team that is. Players must confirm their commitment to the team within a day or so (out of courtesy to other players, if you don’t want the spot – others do – so we need to confirm team placement asap after you get the call). Coaches will give you more team information at that time including arrangements for a team meeting that involves parents.

What if I’m not selected for a team? You will still receive a call. Unfortunately not everyone will have a place on a competitive team. But that’s not the end of the world. Just think of basketball superstar Michael Jordan who got cut from his Grade 9 high school basketball team. Pat yourself on the back for putting yourself forward and your willingness to be judged. Your courage to compete will be rewarded sooner or later in life. And then check out some other RVC developmental or recreational programs that might be fun for you.

Why doesn’t everyone make a team? Unfortunately not everyone is selected for an RVC competitive club team. We certainly try our best but a number of factors come into play: (A) Facilities: with the continuing closing of schools in Regina and greater participation levels – more and more pressure is put on acquiring gym time. RVC is fortunate to have a dedicated coordinator who looks after our facility rentals and a great long-term relationship with booking organizations but we are still limited for practice gyms. (B) Coaches: As with most sports – there are usually more children wanting to play than qualified coaches. It takes a special person to invest a fair amount of time, effort and caring each week to work with our children. Coaches must have NCCP certification (or be working toward this) to be a head coach – so especially at the older levels with greater certification required, the pool of available coaches is even smaller. If you, or someone you know, is interested in helping a little or a lot – please contact RVC – we’ll work with you on any required certification or training. (C) Numbers: unfortunately to have a viable team, we need a minimum of 10 players. After the first or second team is picked – sometimes there are not enough players to fill out another team. Each year, RVC continues to work after tryouts to see if more players can be included in the program so another team can be formed if appropriate.

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Can I try out for more than one club? YES…Sask Volleyball regulations clearly state that players are ‘free agents’ until registered with Sask Volleyball after they commit to an age-class team. This year that cannot take place before December 1. Athletes in the Regina district regularly consider RVC along with other clubs in Rouleau, Moose Jaw, Balgonie, Strasbourg and Regina. You can register with clubs – and even pay the fee – but you are not committed to that club until you accept a position on their team and they register you with Sask Volleyball.
The mission, vision and values of RVC dictate that we want to provide opportunities for players in our district and we recognize that the best opportunity in any particular year may not be with our club. Choosing the right club, the right coach and the right team is critical to having a good experience in volleyball. We have proven that Regina Volleyball is the club of choice as demonstrated through the hundred of players that choose us year in and year out – and that we’re the longest running club in the area.
For admin purposes we require players to pay the RVC club fee up front but your cheque is not cashed until three days after team selections when RVC registers you with Sask Volleyball.
So you may have more than one coach or club approach you to play – it is your choice to accept the invitation. Athletes will be contacted within one day of the last selection camp and players must commit so within a day or so in order for our teams to be announced in a timely manner. At RVC we don’t want to keep you hanging – we first want you to freely choose our club and are confident that when we do invite you – we will provide a great opportunity for you to grow and excel on our teams.

Is an RVC Development Program right for me? Regina Volleyball offers developmental programs for elementary school athletes. Atomic 1 is for 8 – 10 year olds who have limited or no previous volleyball experience. Atomic Level 2 is for 10 – 12 year olds that have limited experience. For our older athletes, Youth Rec is for Grades 6 – 8 players who have had some experience. All our developmental programs offer lots of skill development as well as some time to just have fun playing on the court. Go to our Programs section for more info.

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