Vball Camp Dec 2015

RVC Hosts Full Day Camp on George Gordon First Nation

It was a beautiful December day, we were all set to show a bunch of eager volleyball players why we love this game. Complete with snacks all day long and a mid day feast, these kids (and coaches) had a blast. Drills, games, more games and then more drills. At lunch time we had to kick them out of the gym to go eat!

A big thank you to some of the folks from the area, not only did they help organize, they also cooked a couple huge Lasagna’s for the kids, and yes a homemade meal wouldn’t be the same without homemade cookies!!

31 athletes in total, Jeph Maystruck as head coach and three athletes from the 17U RVC team (Carlen, Caleb, and Deltaryn) helped out for the day. The kids loved playing against the big guys, and they loved when they got to block them…..which was surprisingly often!!

A Huge shoutout to Cate Morris for organizing it all! We had an absolute blast, you’ll have to come to the next one!!

Here’s Deltaryn showing everyone how to hit!

What a fun crew!
RVC Skills camp Dec 2015

Winston Knoll Sr. Boys

The Best Team I’ve Ever Coached

We just finished Highschool Senior boys volleyball. I have coached with Guy Kerbrat at Winston Knoll for the past 6 seasons. This past season we coached the best team I personally have ever been a part of.

Our worst tournament finish was a bronze at the UofR Tournament (two of our starters were missing). We won two tournaments (Lumsden and Campbell) and finished second in two tournaments (our own and Brandon, MB). Also, we won a very special city final where we played against the coach who I coached 15u with last year.

By the time we went to provincials we had only lost 5 matches. That’s incredible for how good some of these teams we played were. But the boys played with a lot of heart. They were a very close knit team.2013 - provincials in saskatoon

I had coached 5 of these guys two years ago at on a 15U team (picture is shown above) and 7 out of the 10 players on our team played club the past 2-3 seasons.
Some of these guys were even on the first team I had ever coached, the team that probably only won 5 games all year. They continue to remind me about what a stellar season they had that year. Going to Nationals and not winning a set, not a single set. But they talked about it in a positive light because I think they figured it out, winning isn’t everything. Being a part of a team, that’s the most important.

At provincials we drew the difficult draw and dropped all three games on the first day of the tournament. We were down and out not knowing what the following day would hold. We had to beat Peacock to move on. We did. Next up was the 1 place finishing St. Mary’s. They hadn’t lost a set all weekend.
They beat us in set one then we witnessed one of the greatest sets in volleyball I have ever watched. We won set two.

In the third we hit hard, they hit even harder. we took them to 22-25 but unfortunately we lost. They played a great game but were almost upset by the 4th place team in the other pool. It was heart breaking but as coaches we couldn’t have been happier. The boys played their hearts out.

I have never been happy to lose, but when you play that hard and the other team still wins it’s difficult to be upset. Well I’m still pissed we lost, but I’m so proud that the boys clicked on that final day. They got to feel that moment when everyone’s working together, giving 110%. It’s amazing to witness really. I hope you get the chance to someday. I hope I get it again too. Hence why I’m coaching 14u this club season. I want to give young kids the chance of competing at that level. I want to give them the chance to witness how a finally tuned machine they call a volleyball team works together seamlessly.

What a season, what a team.