Team ham bringing home the bacon

14U RVC HAM Bring Home The Bacon At Saskcup #1

The 14U Ham team had one heck of a weekend in Saskatoon for the Saskcup #1! Finishing 3 and 2 after the first day they went in to the second day a new team. It may have been the team meal the night before, or the pig head mask Coach Jeremy was wearing, either way this team wanted to win!

Team Ham upset JCVC in three sets first thing Sunday morning sending them to the semi finals against PA Smashing Bananas. In two sets they peeled those Bananas and were going to the semi final set to play at 12:30pm at the Soccer Centre. The Meadow Lake Heat was a fierce opponent, Ham took set 1, The Heat set 2. It came down to that third set. A close game but the Heat cooked the Ham.

What an exciting two days of Volleyball. This is one coach that was very happy to finish second and even prouder of how they played as a team.

Day 1

RVC 14U ham-saskcup 1

Team supper. Brent talking to his disciples. 

Brent at the first supper

Day 2

RVC HAM day 2 Saskcup 1

Team Ham bringing home the bacon

Team Ham Brings home the bacon

Special thanks to coaches Brent, Jeremy, and Cole. You guys are top shelf!

rvc ham second place saskcup 1

Missing: Nohl Train

Vball Camp Dec 2015

RVC Hosts Full Day Camp on George Gordon First Nation

It was a beautiful December day, we were all set to show a bunch of eager volleyball players why we love this game. Complete with snacks all day long and a mid day feast, these kids (and coaches) had a blast. Drills, games, more games and then more drills. At lunch time we had to kick them out of the gym to go eat!

A big thank you to some of the folks from the area, not only did they help organize, they also cooked a couple huge Lasagna’s for the kids, and yes a homemade meal wouldn’t be the same without homemade cookies!!

31 athletes in total, Jeph Maystruck as head coach and three athletes from the 17U RVC team (Carlen, Caleb, and Deltaryn) helped out for the day. The kids loved playing against the big guys, and they loved when they got to block them…..which was surprisingly often!!

A Huge shoutout to Cate Morris for organizing it all! We had an absolute blast, you’ll have to come to the next one!!

Here’s Deltaryn showing everyone how to hit!

What a fun crew!
RVC Skills camp Dec 2015

Cougars blocking

Women’s Volleyball Club Parent Meeting

Cougar volleyball club

We will be doing a combined tryout this year along with the Cougars Volleyball Club and Queen City Volleyball Club. To learn more about this we are inviting you to a parents night at the University of Regina, Centre of Kinesiology and Health Studies.

Club Information Meeting
Monday September 28, 2015
University of Regina
CKHS – KHS Room 219

The more our clubs in Regina work together, the better it will be for the kids. Don’t forget about the kids!!

If you have any question please send them to Jeph Maystruck (jephmaystruck(at)gmail(dot)come or call him at 306.535.9697.

RVC Goats

RVC GOATS Reign Provincial Champs

2015 14UM Provincial champs

Ranked 4th going into the tournament, the RVC Goats were on a role, nothing could stop them. Not the number one seated Balgonie, not the number two seated Rouleau. Nope, the Goats were unstoppable on Sunday we think because of coaching! 😉

Peter Machnee in his rookie year as head coach, with the trusty Brent Schreoder as Assistant Coach, as a team they were unstoppable. Captain Mason Hoffman said in an after game interview: “it was really a team win, no stars, just a whole team effort.” Inspiring words from a setting prodigy.

The 15-16U RVC program is looking REALLY good going into the 2016 Volleyball season. We hope to see all athletes back next year!

RVC’s 16U Women’s Extreme Team Strikes Gold Again

Luc, Haleigh and the dream team are at it again. Another gold medal finish, this time at the QCVC 17/18U tournament. They faced the Prairie Storm in the semi final and won in three sets. The final was against the ever so powerful Weyburn, but RVC Extreme wasn’t backing down, they won in two sets, 25-20 and 25-22.

Great work team, we’re proud of you!!

RVC Extreme Yorkton Champions

RVC 16U Womens Extreme Win Yorkton Tournament

As many teams are still dusting the cobwebs off their med kits, RVC Extreme has been practicing since before Christmas and this was their second tournament of the season. It was a hard fought battle but our girls came out victorious. Big RVC congratulations to their head coaches Luc Lerminiaux and Haleigh Huber. We all know how important the person with the clipboard is!


When they team was asked, how did you do it? How did win the tournament?  Their response; “A healthy diet full of protein and vegetables and a good night’s sleep”.


There you have it Volleyball fans, what you eat and how much sleep you get really matters to athletes!!


Goodluck in the remainder of the year ladies, keep bringing home the hardware!

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