Age class season is coming

***Registration is at the bottom of this page***

Welcome to another exciting year at the Regina Volleyball Club!

The fees for the 2018 season consist of a club fee payable by cheque to RVC and a separate team fee that will be collected separately by each team.  The RVC fee for 2018 will be $540  per player and the team fee will vary depending on team decisions such as the number of tournaments entered and any additional clothing or training that the teams decide to purchase for the season.

What do you get for the RVC fee? 

  • registration with Sask Volleyball (your insurance)
  • a brand new jersey
  • 1 pair of shorts
  • warmup shirt
  • tryout costs
  • practice gym time from January to April/May
  • equipment to use (balls, cart, med kit)
  • coaches honorariums for the year
  • admin fees to cover website, storage locker, etc.