Does it cost anything to tryout?

  • No. Any player interested in playing for one of our teams is welcome to tryout.

I’m not sure I’m good enough – should I try out?

  • Absolutely! Coaches – particularly with our younger teams – look for more than just pure volleyball skill in making selections.  Our experienced coaches are aptly tuned to see potential and are trained to be able to develop players to reach their potential.  Keep in mind that even if you are not selected this year, you will gain valuable experience and get an idea of what you can work on for next season.

How do I register?

  • All participants are required to register online prior to their session. There is a registration link on our homepage.

Do I have to attend every tryout session?

  • Yes. Attending all the sessions will give you the best chance at a fair and proper evaluation. If missing a session is unavoidable, please inform RVC of your absence in advance so coaches can be notified.

What should I bring to tryouts?

  • Each session is 2 hours long. Be sure to water, your volleyball gear (including kneepads), a positive attitude, a lot of hustle.

What happens at tryouts?

  • Arrive 10 minutes early so you can sign-in.  At this time, an ID number will be written on your leg. Each age division will be separated into groups and led by coaches through various drills.  Numerous coaches will be present and conducting evaluations. Coaches may interact with players from time to time, offering suggestions for improvement and determining whether a player can implement feedback (i.e. whether a player is coachable).

How will I know if I make a team?

  • For players that are selected for a team, the coach will call within 24 hrs after the end of tryouts. Players will need to be in a position at the time of the call to indicate whether they will commit to the team.

What if I’m not selected for a team?

  • For those players that aren’t selected for a team, you are notified by email within 48 hours.  Remember, not making a team, while disappointing, should not discourage you from improving and trying out next year. Just think of basketball superstar Michael Jordan who got cut from his Grade 9 high school basketball team – he used the disappointment as motivation to become the best basketball player in the world.  Be like Mike!

Why doesn’t everyone make a team?

  • Unfortunately, it is not possible for every player to be placed on a team.  We certainly try our best to not turn away players, but there are a number of factors considered in determining not to select a player:
    • (A) Facilities: gym rentals are a finite resource.  We only have so many gyms available and therefore we can only have so many teams.
    • (B) Coaches: RVC strives to provide elite programs with elite qualified coaches. It takes a committed individuals willing to invest a fair amount of time, effort and caring each week to coach club volleyball. Like facilities, these individuals are also of a limited nature.
    • (C) Numbers: after the first and/or second team is picked, sometimes there are just not enough remaining players to fill out another team. This is an unfortunate thing, but a practical reality.

Can I try out for more than one club?

  • Yes.  Sask Volleyball regulations state that players are ‘free agents’ until registered with Sask Volleyball after they commit to an age-class team.

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